From the recording THE GOOD RED ROAD


He's going back
Years down the road
To a place in the past
That won't let him go
He's dreamed all along
That he would return
And follow the sign posts
Follow the curves
On the Good Red Road
He steps off the plane
And into the sun
But some journeys end
Before they’ve begun
He can now rent a car
He's got credit cards
He goes where he wants
But never gets far
On the Good Red Road
There is the school yard
And there is the house
But where is the feeling?
What's this all about?
He steps to the car to warm up his hands
And there in the rearview he understands
The Good Red Road
And the long way to go
On the Good Red Road

Words and Music by Ned Farr
© 1995 Waiting wind/ ASCAP