1. Saturn

From the recording THE GOOD RED ROAD


She sees the headlights in the driveway
She hears the footsteps at the door
And takes for granted
Somewhere out there
There’s more
And he sits by an open window
Thinking that Christmas came too soon
I remember Christmas
And St. Patricks Day
Were the same thing
And though we always had each other
You would always find a way
And find yourself
Somewhere else
Over distance measured in miles
Or drinks you take
And he flies all the way to Paris
Then never leaves his room
He just stands in the hotel window
He’s not high enough
To change the tune
And as the years add up he’s feeling
That somehow he’s let you down
The shattering of mirrors
The cannons on the water
And other people’s laughter
And their sons and daughters
And I can’t find a message in your
Empty bottles.

Words and Music by Ned Farr
© 1995 Waiting wind/ ASCAP